About Us

A1 for Everyone

Established in 1975, A1 aims to be the bridge between cultures of the world. The innovative flavours we produce translates to over 25 countries, including U.S.A, U.K, Greece, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa, Bangladesh, China, and more!

Our goal is to reach the heart and soul of Pakistan’s Culinary World, and beyond. Forming a bridge between cultures, a new way for people to come together and share what defines them as a denizen of this part of Asia.


We at M. Manzoor & Co. Pakistan Pvt. Ltd are committed to:

  • Provide Safe & Hygienic Spices & food product and

  • Meet and exceed the needs and expectation of our valued customers


  • Continually improving our product quality, operational effectiveness and infrastructure.

  • Maintaining hygienic work environment

  • Monitoring customer satisfaction.

  • Monitoring on time delivery.

  • Continuously improving the Management Systems.

  • Upgrading the machines and other associated facilities.

  • Driving customer and statuary regulatory orientation at all levels within the organization.

  • Continuously reviewing hazard analysis for each processing step.

  • Monitoring, controlling and recording of critical control point.

  • Establishing, reviewing and updating objectives.

  • Adopting different management tools, techniques, standards, rules, regulation etc.

A1 brings the cooking essentials you need right to your fingertips..

Discover the quality standards A1 maintains with precision and delicate care. Now our premium spices and products are just a click away, simply browse our eCommerce website for our comprehensive range of Spices, Frozen Foods, Desserts, Dry Fruits and Pickles!

A1 Selection & Process

Offering a comprehensive range of spice mixes, pickles, frozen foods, desserts and herbs. Our decades of dedication to consistently maintaining quality, freshness, aroma, and flavor. Our patented process is backed by research, innovation, and latest applied sciences.

The essence of every spice is maintained through our careful selection process to maintain purity and freshness. Followed by our patented preservation technique to infuse every pack with our natural signature flavour.

A1’s Craving for Creativity

One thing that’s beyond all doubt is that our people will continue to find innovative new ways to prepare and serve food. In this endeavor to search for new, exciting ways to collaborate, create, and share flavor, we are connecting a network of foodies. Together we’ll transform our cultural and traditional cuisines with bold flavor combinations that thrills tastebuds into an endless journey of savoury sensations that spans across the globe.