Savour the rich exquisite flavor of the provincial dishes of Pakistan, the way it’s meant to be. In the A1 Dessert Mix Category find your favourite traditional Pakistani desserts. Depending on the preference of your guests, choose from the range of cultural Pakistani desserts by A1.

Savour Rich Taste

Appeal to the unique taste in line with the traditions of Pakistan with sweet treats such as Kheers, Faluda & Sewaiyan. Each A1 dessert mix contains every ingredient that amplifies the taste we have come to love.

A Dish for Every Occasion

In Pakistan, sweets, desserts and confection in general are synonymous with a happy occasion. Whether it is the birth of child, a marriage ceremony, major achievements, you name it and we probably have a dessert dedicated to that occasion. Make any day, your day, with A1 Spices.

Kheer Almond

Kheer Cardamom

Kheer Pistachio



Fried Vermicelli

Cake Rusk

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