As the premium provider of the freshest spices in Asia and beyond, A1 takes great measures to maintain its consistent taste and superb quality. In order to meet the overwhelming demand, A1 maintains a network of fresh spice harvests to ensure customers have access to the purest spices.

Natural Selection

Every spice A1 has to offer goes through production in a controlled environment, in addition to strict quality control measures. We ensure that the spice crops are harvested only once they’ve matured, as it just isn’t possible to create superior spices with a poor harvest. Our state of the art infrastructure employs only the latest technology and high-end machinery to maintain our signature aroma and delectable taste.

Biryani Masala

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Karahi Masala

Chaat Masala

Plain Spices

Turmeric Powder

Corainder Powder

Red Chilli Powder

Cinnamon Powder

Red Whole Chilli

Fried Onion

Kasuri Methi Leaves

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